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He’s Up, He’s Down, He’s Up, He’s Down

The Allen/Webb race still is insanely close, but with 90% reporting, Allen has a 2% lead. I’d be tempted to call the race, but it’s already gotten close so many times that anything could happen. Allen’s had at least a slight lead for most of the evening, so it seems likely that Allen could squeak by, but it may be a long time before we have a definitive answer.

Double ugh…

UPDATE: 9:08PM Central — Triple ugh… now it’s closing again…

2 responses to “He’s Up, He’s Down, He’s Up, He’s Down”

  1. Mark says:

    I’m now thinking that Allen will eke it out, but most of the remaining vote is in Webb-friendly territory with half of the vote left in Arlington and a third of Richmond City.

  2. Jay Reding says:

    I’ve heard some rural districts are outstanding as well.

    This one is giving me one hell of a headache… or maybe it’s the booze… :)