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Pardon The Dust

The site might be a bit shaky yet today — this weekend I did some substantial rearranging of the site’s DNS entries which may cause some ISPs to be unable to connect. My email has been rendered worthless due to spam, and my client-side filters just haven’t been able to keep up with the deluge. So, I decided to use GMail for Domains instead. I miss having IMAP access to email, but at least GMail is far better at filtering spam than Thunderbird was — and I don’t need to worry about configuring an email client on each machine I use. Web-based email seems to make a lot more sense these days, especially when it can do a better job of detecting and deleting spam than even a Baysian filter can.

Email is proving to be a perfect example of the tragedy of the commons — there’s virtually no cost to use it, which means that it’s become a perfect medium for spammers. Given that there’s no real technical or legal solution to spam, and not for a lack of trying, it appears that the Cold War between spammers and email providers will have no end in sight…

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