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Is It Really Osama?

Michael Ledeen wonders if the latest Osama bin Laden video shows the real Osama. I have my doubts — the person on this latest video looks somewhat like the terrorist leader, but not entirely. In previous OBL videos, Osama is quite animated — in this one, the speaker is quite sedate.

There seems to be two possibilities. The least likely is that this is a ringer for OBL, who’s dead or incapacitated. The second is that the person on the video us really OBL, but he’s quite sick and unable to match the tenor of his previous messages. The fake-looking beard, the lack of energy, the less poetic rhetoric — if it is OBL, he doesn’t look good.

2 responses to “Is It Really Osama?”

  1. Janek says:

    The third possibility is, of course, that it does not matter whether if it is Bin Laden or some kind of doppelganger, as long as people are talking, speculating, wondering. Sort of like Steve Jobs announcing some new and way cool iSomething without anyone knowing what it might be – but still it makes the headlines.


  2. Aakash says:

    Who is “Osama”?

    I think I’ve forgotten…