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The New Jay Reding.com

I’ve finally gotten around to updating the template around here. The last update was all the way back in 2007, so it was time to do a little freshening up. For one, since 2007 more and more people are browsing the web on mobile devices like the iPad. And this site is now designed to look great on the iPad. (For those of you using an iOS device, try adding this site to your home screen!) The site has been rebuilt from the ground up using HTML5, CSS3, and all the other latest acronyms. I’ve also tried to make the typography as legible as possible regardless of your screen size or device.

Of course, that means that you’ll need to use a recent-generation browser to view the site. I’ve tested it on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and the latest versions of Internet Explorer. If you’re using an older version of Internet Explorer (7, or God help you 6), you probably won’t get the site as it was intended. But it should still be readable and usable. And if you’re on an iPhone or Android device, you’re golden—the site should work just fine on latest-generation mobile devices.

And since everyone else is doing it, I figured it was time for this site to jump on the social networking bandwagon as well. So you can use the “Share/Bookmark” link at the bottom of each post to post articles here on Facebook, Twitter, or any number of social networking sites.

Of course, there will undoubtedly be much tweaking of elements as time wears on, as well as additional features. I’m never quite satisfied with a blog template. If you see any problems with the template, feel free to email me at comments – at – jayreding.com.

I’m hoping that this new design will last as long as the one it replaced. Each site template this site uses has been created by hand rather than built from a modified prepackaged template. That’s because I believe that this site should be unique and not use the same template or design everyone else is using. I can’t promise it will be that way forever—as I continue my career my spare time keeps getting shorter and shorter. But for now, this design is 100% hand-crafted pixels. I hope you enjoy it.

2 responses to “The New Jay Reding.com”

  1. Jay Reding says:

    I’m leaving comments open on this entry for bug-reporting purposes. If you see any bugs, please leave a comment here. In your comment, let me know what operating system you’re using (Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS 10.7, etc.) and what browser you’re using (Safari 5, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6, etc.) That will help me track down any remaining bugs in the template.

  2. Janek says:

    Nice to see the blog up and running again. In a way, jayreding.com is one of my anchors that keeps me connected with the US. (CNN is another, as is my hostfamily from way back then…) Too bad that politically, I hail from the other end of the spectrum ;-) Also, German politics demand most of my attention these days, and private life takes precedence.

    As to the layout… I am right now using a *very* old machine – the best I have at the moment – and the layout does not quite look like it’s up to standard. The browser is Firefox 1.0, other specs read as “Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.5) Gecko/20041109 Firefox/1.0” – if that makes any sense to you.

    The signature/title *.png is on the left-hand side, the “home/about/…/search” links are also on the left side, but all this is above the text. The Google (shame on you! ;-) ) Ads, the Colophon, and the Meta blocks are at the bottom – right-hand end of the page.

    Not the way it’s meant to be, I guess?

    Apart from that, I find that the fairly big print, while being easy on the eyes, forces me to scroll a lot to get to the next paragraph, and makes the site look somewhat unorganized.

    I hope this helps.

    Greetings from Germany,