MLC 2001

Midwest Leadership Conference

Just got confirmation that I’ll be at the Midwest Leadership Conference this weekend in Minneapolis. I’ll be having lunch with Vice President Dick Cheney, dinner with Sean Hannity, as well as many other Republican leaders. I’ll try and get some pictures up of the MLC as well as the College Republican National Convention on the Gustavus College Republicans site sometime in the near future.

In speaking of the near future, UPN has a neat trailer for Enterprise running on their stations. While I still hate the design of the ship, Scott Bakula may be the thing that saves the show. The look on his face in the preview really conveys the wonder that needs to return to Star Trek. I’m actually finding myself to be excited about the prospects for this new series, something that I haven’t really felt about Star Trek since the end of Deep Space Nine. (Which I still think is a highly under-rated series.) Only time will tell however…