Doubletalk on ANWR

In a fit of sense, the House approved drilling in Alaska on a small corner of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. From the article:
"This is no ordinary land," countered Rep. David Bonior, D-Mich., who said he had been there. "It’s a cathedral of nature, an American heritage. And it’s our responsibility to protect it."

What a pile of crap.

NR’s Jonah Goldberg said it best:
I also got to see what Joe Lieberman called "one of the most beautiful, pristine places that the good Lord has created on Earth" and "one of God’s most awesome creations." This is a form of divine slander, like saying Ghostbusters II was some of Bill Murray’s best work; it’s unfair both to God and to the cooler stuff in the Almighty’s oeuvre.

Goldberg continues describing the real ANWR in the August 6th issue of National Review. The incomparable William F. Buckley, offers a preview of the article. In short, don’t go to the part of ANWR where the oil will be taken from unless you enjoy constant darkness, 120 degree below wind chills, and ungodly swarms of mosquitos. Bascially, ANWR’s a giant version of the crappy parts of Minnesota. Drill on, oil companies, drill on…