Why CNN sucks

Joseph Farah of WorldNet Daily has an interesting take on the downfall of CNN. As CNN’s ratings continue their downward slide and CNN head honcho Walter Isaacson tries to court Republicans on Capital Hill, it looks like the old news giant is in dire straights. Of course, they could always lay off real journalists and hire models. Oh wait, they’ve done that already.

Which leads me to another mini-rant. The new Headline News… or as it should be put News on PCP. Let’s see, the Internet’s kicking our asses, so let’s copy the worst visual features of it and put them on a completely wrong medium! You can’t take the visual overload of a web page and make it work on TV. TV text is a pain in the ass to read, and the last thing I need is to get eyestrain trying to get the latest sports scores. TV lets me get full-motion video on demand, that’s what it’s good at. The computer does text information, the TV does video… got it, CNN? Computer, text. TV, video. Oh yeah, and Andrea Thompson’s not a journalist. Her talents consist of passable acting and getting naked, not news.