Way to go Eastern Bloc!

A group of Non-Governmental Organizations from several Eastern Bloc and fomer Soviet nations issued their response to the UN Conference on Racism, Xenophobia, Intolerance, and Israel with the following postscript:

PS: On top of all the troubles of the NGO Forum, at the closing ceremony, the delegates had to listen for over two hours to a speech by Fidel Castro. We are offended by the fact that one of the worst dictators in the contemporary world, particularly notorious for gross violations of human rights, was invited to address this world gathering of non-governmental organizations. Listening to Fidel speak, we only had to wonder why the organizers had failed to invite Alexander Lukashenko, Turkmenbashi, Saddam Hussein, or a representative of the Taliban regime.

If a group of NGOs from the former Soviet Union can give such a clear and accurate portrayal of the conference and it’s true (lack of) meaning, why can’t the leftist political intelligensia in the United States get the picture as well. Those leftists who idolize Fidel Castro (*cough* Janet Reno *cough*) should be reminded of this simple, well-put, and blistering response to a situation that is clearly against the whole point of the Durban conference.