Jonah Goldberg speaks out in National Review on the aftermath of the attack. It shocks me to learn that there are those who are actually apologizing for these cowardly murderers. Those who say "now is not the time for vengeance" are wrong. If not now, how many more lives must be sacrificed in order to preserve not only our freedom, but that of those across the world. For too long the Taliban regime has harbored Osama bin Laden, the most likely mastermind of this evil action. For too long women and children have been oppressed, executed, intimidated, and had their lives torn apart. Those who wield terror as a political weapon should be given the full power of the military of the world. Already our allies in Russia have said that they will stand resolutely by and act with due force of justice against the instigators of this atrocity. It is a time for the calling of accounts. It is a time for war.