America Stands United

Last night, George W. Bush cemented his position as the greatest orator of the early 21st Century. I’m as shocked by this as any one. Granted, I am a conservative Republican, and a die-hard Bush supporter, but I didn’t vote for him because of his oratorical skills. I voted for him based on the clarity of his principles and his convictions. Now, the President that spoke on Thursday night was not the man I voted for – it was a man who is in many ways greater than the man I voted for. Tere was someone who spoke in the tones of a man who is utterly convinced of the rightness of the struggle we Americans must face. There was a man who did not resort to emotions, but spoke to the hearts and the minds of his people. There was a man who sent a clarion call to all those who support freedom across the world – freedom shall be defended.

Is it any surprise that Republicans and Democrats have dropped their partisan bickering and come together in this hour of need? Is it any surprise that America stands united in our defense of that which makes this country the greatest on this Earth? Is it at all surprising that the free nations of the world stand united with us? The answer to all of these is not any more. There is a new purpose in American life today, a clarity of being that was once seemingly lost. It was echoed in the words of President Bush, and in the hearts of the American people and their allies across the world.

George W. Bush has now joined the ranks of those great orators such as Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Ronald Wilson Reagan. He has given us all a clarity of purpose and a new hope for the future. He has set the moral tone, and he has united America. It is clear that George W. Bush is not only well deserving of the office of President of the United States, but he has lifted the office to a station that it was once thought it would never regain. There is no doubt that George W. Bush is the right person, at the right place, at the right time.

Here’s what Andrew Sullivan had to say about the speech:

THE SPEECH: Nothing since Reagan has been as good in presidential oratory. The president’s speech writers crafted a luminescent call to arms. It was measured without being weak; it was moving without a trace of melodrama; it was stirring without being jingoist. And there was something about the president’s demeanor that suggested to me at last that he knows why he got this office. To speak of his growth at this point would be to condescend. He gets it. He means it. He knows what this war is fundamentally about. My cherished moment was when he rightly described this threat – and its twisted ideology – with the other great evils that have threatened freedom in the last century and before. "The unmarked grave of discarded lies" is a phrase that resonates deeply and truly. God bless the man and the country he finally indisuptably leads.

Click here for the transcript of Bush’s Speech.