Everyone’s saying Way To Go G.W.!

Zogby International, the respected polling firm has shown that if voters had a choice of who could be president during this time, Clinton or G.W. Bush, Bush wins 72 to 20. This is a simply stunning poll. It’s also hardly surprising that the media has virtually ignored it. Despite the scandals and the fact that Bill Clinton could have stopped Osama bin Laden but didn’t, the Left still loves Bill Clinton. Granted, the American people have finally forgotten about him, but the liberal media establishment has not. At least the media has been fair in their treatment of Bush, which is a civility one would hardly associate with the likes of Dan Rather and company.

Fred Barnes has an interesting piece in The Weekly Standard (which finally has a decent online edition – better late than never I suppose…) about how G.W. Bush is becoming a closet policy wonk. Indeed, the President appears to have a more subtle grasp of foreign policy than even his own party has thought – he’s supported the notion of a Palestinian state despite the voices of many in his own party. It’s clear that President Bush is looking towards a long-term strategy, even if it requires some compromises in the end. It will remain to be seen if a Palestinian state can be created without destroying the security of Israel, however, there are some good strategic reasons why President Bush might want to persue this route. However, it definitely cannot be said that President Bush is acting in anything less than a careful and prudent matter in this war. (Well, it can, but it would be wrong…)