The Minneapolis (Red)Star-Tribune has an article on the marches on the state capitol yesterday. As predicted, it was the usual bunch of disaffected students, anti-everything protesters, and radical groups. No where to be found was a discussion more deep than "bombs bad, peace good." How to actually deal with the scourge of terrorism wasn’t discussed – but then it’s easier to tear a policy down than to actually rationally try to deal with the world.

Joe Schwartzberg, a retired University of Minnesota professor, spoke for the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers when he said the war in Afghanistan "will do little to rid the world of terrorism and will promote neither global peace nor global justice."

Anyone who believe that wiping the terrorists off the face of the Earth won’t rid the world of those terrorists is either delusional, an idiot, or both. Once again, only an "intellectual" could believe something so patently stupid. If one’s idea of global justice consists of allowing evil to flourish, then perhaps he’s right. However, for those of us who live in the real world, global justice consists of finding those who would inflict terror, and bringing swift and immediate justice to them. Preferably high explosive justice.

Luckily, saner heads were also present. A group of counterprotestors (and I have a good idea of who some of them were – way to go Luke!) were also at the march.

While that sentiment was cheered by a crowd estimated by Capitol police at 300, it was jeered by about two dozen counterprotesters, some of whom labeled the speakers traitors, cowards or morons, told them to shut up and called their speeches boring.

Bob Mallon of St. Louis Park came upon the demonstration while on a tour of the Capitol and joined those in the antiprotest group because he supports U.S. policy.

A native New Yorker, he said he recently visited ground zero, the scene of the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center. "I smelled the dead," he said. "I touched the dust, and in that dust was what was left of those people.&quot

Paul Slaton of Hopkins, who said the Nazis killed most of his family during World War II, also stood with the counterprotest group.

"I was opposed to the Vietnam War, but not this," he said. "The Vietnamese didn’t attack us."

The signs told the story of the day. The demonstrators’ signs expressed such sentiments as "War is terrorism" while the counterdemonstrators’ signs included "Wake up and smell the anthrax." As the demonstration ended, two chants competed: "Say no to war, say yes to global justice" and "Osama needs a hug."

A hearty "way to go" to all those counter-protesters who took the time to counter the arguments of the radical Left. It’s good to see that we Minnesotans won’t take this crap laying down. It’s clear that the radical Left is morally and intellectually bankrupt and regards the freedoms that they leech off of as insignificant and not worth defending. They deserve to join the Taliban in the ash-heap of history.