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Apparently a lot, if they’re extremely complex little anthrax spores says a Washington Post article. The kind of anthrax being used in these biowar attacks isn’t your average run-of-the-mill anthrax. It’s extremely fine milled (Approximately 1.5 microns in diameter. A human hair is 100 microns across.) and treated to prevent the kind of static cling that keeps anthrax spores from becoming airborne. There are only three countries in the world that could produce this kind of anthrax, the U.S., Russia, and Iraq. The U.S. is the least likely source, as we haven’t produced much weapons-grade anthrax, we’ve destroyed what we did produce, and we have very tight security around places where one could get anthrax. A Russian source is distinct possibility, we all know that the current conditions inside Russia have led to nasty things such as weaponized plutonium slipping out of their borders.

However, the most likely culprit is Iraq. Indications are that some of these spores contain the substance bentonite, which only Iraq uses in their weaponization process. It’s already been confirmed by Czech officials that terrorism Mohammad Atta met with an Iraqi agent in Prague. It’s becoming clear that a domestic group could not have produced sufficient anthrax in such quality domestically. It’s also unlikely that a domestic group would have the motive to do such an act – it simply doesn’t fit the M.O. It’s becoming clear that we are facing an attack by organized foreign powers. It’s time we took action by eliminating the sources of these spores – the Russian ones by diplomacy and inspection, and the Iraqi ones by force if necessary.