The Von Hoffman Awards

Andrew Sullivan is giving out awards for the most rediculous sayings of military doom in our war against the Taliban regime. It’s almost hysterical to look at some of the dire pronouncements made by supposedly wise people in the media about this war. It just goes to show that the media and the intelligentsia across the world have dissassociated themselves so completely from the real world that they no longer seem to have any relevance anymore. The New York Times can’t seem to get a handle on the fact that we’re winning this war. If that weren’t enough, The New Republic is running a list of the dumbest things said about the war so far. Check out Michael Moore’s comment – I’m glad the putz isn’t coming to Gustavus. We don’t want him.

Also, along the same lines, Michael Kelly has an absolutely brilliant satire of National Public Radio in the Washington Post (which deserves to be this nation’s new newspaper of record rather than the floundering NYT). It’s a dead-on take on the negativity and anti-Western sentiment that has permeated public radio. Public radio’s always been out on the lunatic fringe of the Left, but occasionally offered some good foreign news. Now, it’s nothing but another PR organization for the anti-Western, anti-American group du jour. At least one major columnist has the chutzpah to burst their bubble…