Global Whining, Libertarians, and Andrew Sullivan, Oh My!

Tech Central Station has a couple of interesting articles. (Well, technically, they almost *always* have a couple of interesting articles…) The first deals with the myth of global warming. Philip Stoll does an excellent job of skewering the notion that global warming is even a threat, and the idea that eliminating one possible set of factors (as in the Kyoto Protocol) would have any effect.

The second article deals with the 30 year anniversary of the Libertarian Party. Nick Schlutz makes a great argument that the Libertarian Party needs to grow up. It’s a good read.

In speaking of critiques of libertarian political philosophy, Jonah Goldberg has a very interesting takedown of libertarianism as well as Andrew Sullivan. It will be interesting to see how Andrew Sullivan responds… there’s nothing more interesting to me than watching two really brilliant people argue…