Truth Stranger Than Fiction…

This comes from a schedule of events from the protests against globalization, free trade, people lifting themselves out of poverty, and common sense which are currently going on in NYC.

Title: Communal Howling at the Moon
Event Type: Other
Topic / Issue: Fascism & Imperialism
City & State: New York, New Jersey
Sponsor: The Coalition to Ignore Reality

The Coalition to Ignore Reality calls on all sentient beings to join hands, paws, and other appendages in symbolic resistance to the wealth creation in the developing world while safely living the good life in the First World. We call for immediate suspension of the laws of mathematics to allow people of mediocrity, inability and foolishness to earn as much as all those who did their homework while the rest of us listened to forgettable music and masturbated late into the afternoon.

Hmmm… is this a joke, or is it serious? With hippies, one can never tell.