More Euro-Nonsense

The Commissioner for the EU on International Relations has blasted President Bush’s "axis of evil" speech and foreign policy decisions. The Europeans are worried that the US is once again acting in a "unilateral" fashion. Never mind the fact that the US need not consult Europe on every decision it makes. While Commissioner Patten rips Bush for being "simplistic" the EU makes moves that will further help fund weapons of mass destruction.

Furthermore, the Europeans are still clinging desperately to the notion that mere developmental assistance will eradicate terrorism. All the developmental assistance that went to Iraq ended up fueling Saddam Hussein’s programs to develop biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons while his people starved. The fact is, developmental assistance is worthless without a strong central government to administer it correctly. Developmental assistance given to a country with an autocratic regime or one that is undergoing a governmental collapse is link throwing food and money to the wind.

Europe has failed to learn the lessons of Afghanistan – step one in restoring order to a nation in the grip of terrorist or totalitarian control is to kill the terrorists. Yet the EU seems to lack the political resolve and sheer chutzpah needed to take the steps to truly fight terrorism. Only once a nation has a stable government or a stable occupying force can humanitarian concerns be met.

As for the EU’s demands, the proper response is that it is better to be unilaterally right that multilaterally wrong.