Shhh… We’re Scaring The Europeans…

The Guardian has an unintentionally humorous editorial decrying the size of the American military. As always, the Euro elites display a fundamental lack of touch with reality. Considering that nations such as France have dismantled their military to the point where they are no longer able to defend their own borders I don’t think that the Europeans have any right to dictate the proper size for a military. At the same time they complain about the size of the US armed forces, who do they depend on to go to places like Kosovo in their stead? That’s right – the good old US of A.

This article further attempts to pass off the rediculous notion that diplomacy is sufficient in the war on terror. Diplomacy is a valuable tool of statecraft, but al-Qaeda doesn’t care a whit for diplomacy. Faced with an enemy who desires nothing less than your complete destruction, only the most foolhardy would attempt to find some compromise. The history of Europe is full of idiotic political compromises that ended disastrously – from Neville Chamberlain’s handover of the Sudatenland to Hitler on down. One would think that the Eurocrats who view themselves as intellectual elites over the common man would actually bother to crack open a history book and see where the course they want Europe to take leads.

The fact is, the European elites are threatened by the United States. They should be. While they work on dismantling their economies and coddling terrorists, the United States is further leveraging their military and economic strength. They have a deep-seated fear that the free market dynamism of America will quickly overwhelm their failing statist experiment. They’re right – it will. The European Union is quickly falling apart as it becomes increasingly bureaucratic and less and less representative of the will of the European people. In the end, it is the European eliites who are on the wrong side of history.