Bush Sets The Record Straight

Tim Blair has some good commentary on more of the blatantly rediculous things said by EU Commissioner Chris Patten. Patten and his ilk veil their rhetoric in the language of trying to promote world peace and harmony when their true objective is to ensure that the EU gets a cut of the action.

The EU has an opportunity to take a stand against nations which would have no qualms about mass murder, systematic oppression of women, or ending all freedom of expression. Yet they seem to be lacking in the basic guts to do anything about it. Rather they are whining about how America has the audacity to – gasp! – defend its citizens from those who would kill them en masse.

Bush is trying to get the world to finally deal with these issues, but it’s a thankless job. In an article from The New York Times Bush laments the fact that America’s allies are becoming fair-weather friends.

In private, his friends and closest aides report, Mr. Bush fumes about weak-kneed "European elites" and scared Arab leaders who, in his view, lack the courage to stand up to states that may one day provide terrorists with nuclear or biological weapons.

President Bush is correct – the next attack could be a nuclear weapon in Paris or a nerve-gas attack on London. The European Union and other nations have every ability to join with the United States and diminish the threat as we did in Afghanistan. Yet they lack the courage to do so. It’s becoming more and more clear that they are more concerned with expanding their own sphere of influence than protecting their citizenry. President Bush is not so naive – the world is not a safe place right now, and the new axis of evil should be destroyed before it can strike.