Shut Up, Bill

Former (Thankfully) President Bill Clinton has been blathering away again. The fact that Clinton thinks the US’ position "will not last" shows just how ignorant he is on basic world affairs. The only way in which the current US hegemony would crumble is if the rest of the world dropped their protectionist economic policies, developed their military, and started to invest in technology over pseudoscientific environmentalism. In so doing, they’d be more like us right now. While I hold no illusions that the US will become some great empire, nor would I want it to, the factors that have led to our current position are ones that Clinton would have us fritter away in the spirit of "multilateralism." The Europeans who criticize US policy are on the wrong side of history – joining them would be foolish. As mothers everywhere have said, just because everyone else is jumping off a cliff doesn’t mean we should do it too.