Six Months Ago…

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will mark the six-month anniversary of the September 11 attacks. I just finished watching the CBS documentary 9/11. After that, I do almost feel as though I was there on that day. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget the sound of human lives ending their 110-story plunge on the ground below, or the faces on the men in Tower 1 who threw themselves into the face of darkness and death to save their fellow man, or those who later went back, hoping and praying to find someone, anyone alive in the debris. These are things beyond mere words.

Six months ago I sat in my office, running from a room with a projection TV to my workstation, trying to get a grip on what was happening. This is what I frantically wrote that day. At that time, the thought of four more aircraft heading to rain death was a real possibility. I didn’t even feel I had the time to proofread, I just hit the post button and kept going, hoping that Blogger would stay up long enough. I though about going back and correcting some of the mistakes, but I never did, partly because I wanted to move on, and partly because it was a moment in time that should remain as it was.

I don’t normally post personal things on this site, I don’t normally talk of such things. Yet six months later, we all remember where we were when we heard – what we felt. In the end, the events of September 11th have united our nation, and our world. As we continue fighting those responsible and preventing them from striking out again, the images of September 11 should remain with us, as a reminder of who we are and what we must do.