Random Dose Of Randomness

Stephen Greene continues on his quest
to find what to call Palestinian suicide bombers
. I get a rather large kick out
of the term "people of detonation" myself.

Megan McArdle gets an e-mail informing her that
her porn is outdated
. Remember kids, always keep your porn fresh!

Scott Ganz is finding that
his blog has gone on strike
. Trust me, genetically engineered wombats are the way
to go. As long as you keep them rolling in the Vegemite, you never have to worry…

In speaking of creatures from Down Under, Tim Blair finds that
Robert Fisk is out of his bloody mind
. Note the total lack of surprise.

In other news, some loser actually bothers to
collect all this in one post
, proving that the combination of bored people
and Internet technology can be a dangerous thing.