Understanding "Warbloggers"

Blogs of War has a good
piece that explores
the reasons why warbloggers are warbloggers
. He’s got some great
counterpoints to the anti-warblogging crowd belief that all we want is to kill Arabs
and create an American Empire. As I explained before in
a previous article
, "warbloggers" aren’t pro-war in that we like it
when people go off and kill each other, we’re pro-war in that we see the alternatives
of using force are worse than not dealing with these issues directly. Yes, when we
go after Iraq people will die, including innocent civilians. At the same time, if we
do nothing, Saddam will kill countless more. It becomes a simple calculus of
death – act now and risk causualties in the process, or do nothing, and allow
genocide to continue. We can’t afford to sit passively by and allow the rising tide
of Islamic fundamentalism to drown the world in blood. That’s why we need to
start working to end these terrorist-supporting regimes now, before September
11 becomes just the first of many attacks.