Il est nul

Everyone’s favorite French Foreign Minister and all-around moron Hubert
Vedrine sees the real problem in the Middle East are
those Israel-supporting American Jews
. Because these groups wield so much
power, the American government won’t do what’s right and tell Israel to let the
Arabs push them into the sea. If only they’d listen to the French, all would be right.

Vedrine is a world-class idiot, and certainly not the kind of person who should
be within a mile of a diplomatic office. Since the the French seem to love the
Palestinians so much, I’ve a suggestion. Let’s give the Palestinians their own
state – France. They’ve already got a sizeable Arab population, they’re
used to being under, shall we say, foreign ownership, and they’ve got more
than enough room to accomodate a few million Palestinians. Sure, some of the
French people might object, but it’s not as though the French government
gives a fig for what the people think as it is anyhow.

Now, I should make shelf room to hold my Nobel Peace Prize…