Schools of Hate

There’s a shocking and sobering article in the San Fransico Gate on Palestinian preschools that teach hatred of the Jews as part of their core curriculum. The article begins with this shocker:

Six days a week, kindergarten teacher Samira Ali El Hassain tells her class of 30 5-year-old boys and girls what makes the world go round.

"Here is how an egg becomes a chicken," she says to a student. "Here is how to draw a circle," she tells another.

Hassain then quizzes the class about a previous, more serious lesson. "Who are the Jews?" she asks.

The children know the answer by heart: "The enemy!" they reply in unison.

"And what should we do to them?" Hassain asks in a voice that is as casual as when she discussed chickens and eggs.

"Kill them!" the children cry out.

Such is the face of those moderate, peace-loving Palestinians.

Unfortunately, this kind of hatred is all too common in the Arab world these days. While the EU and others continue to condemn Israel as a terrorist state, it’s not the Israelis teaching their children that peace with their neighbors is impossible. The Israelis, by their own account, want peace. The Palestinians, at least those who are teaching these classes, do not.

Let that be a lesson to those who believe that capitulation is the road to peace.