More Eurocrat Nonsense

Chancellor Gerhard Schröder of Germany is warning other European leaders to watch for the rise of free thought… err… the far right in their respective nations. Because, as we know, anyone who deviates from the ideology of the Eurocrats is a danger to democracy itself and should be quickly silenced as not to upset the political orthodoxy. Here’s a sample from the article:

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Mr Schröder also put forward the controversial argument that the European commission was partly to blame for the advance of the far right because of an inability to explain its policies and an insistence on "one-size-fits-all" free-market solutions for the European Union’s member states.

Oh yeah, that’s the problem. It’s all part of that nasty free market. Europe’s economic woes have nothing to do with socialist programs that are black holes for money, excessive regulation, or an inability for companies to hire or fire workers. Nope, not at all. It’s that they don’t have enough socialism, regulation, or protectionism!

"Decisions from Brussels that have repercussions for the economy and therefore for the sensitivities of people in the nation states should be communicated better, and this communication should be prepared before the decisions," he said. "Otherwise they cause anxiety and give impetus to groups we must regard as anti-European, on the extreme right".

Yet another piece of complete and total blather. Once again, the elitism of the EU is shown in crystal clear terms. It’s not that the EU’s policies are bad, or a sizeable number of Europeans don’t want them, it’s that they’re communicated wrong. Why, I’m sure if they just kept trying to convince people that joining a bureaucratic socialist mega-state run by a group of unccountable elites they’ll eventually see how just and noble the EU really is! Of course, anyone who opposes that view is "anti-Europe". Imagine someone having the gall to say that the government is wrong or corrupt, or is making bad policy. Quelle horreur! Such treason must be nipped in the bud!

Putting the case for Europe to rally round different, less technocratic and more egalitarian values, he said: "It has to be clearer than in the past that Europe is not just a market, a place of economic interaction, but also a place for social interaction. Europe is very much more than a market place. It’s always been a social model – a model at whose heart lies the idea that all citizens, or as many as possible, can share in the wealth that is created and also share in the decision-making. I think that this is the only way to anchor more deeply the European idea in people’s hearts and minds".

Of course, "sharing the wealth," European style. Which essentially means taking from productive people and giving to those who aren’t. There’s the key to economic sucess. Of course, socialism and Europe go together, just like rats and the Bubonic Plague.

It’s amazing how quickly Europe seems to be sliding more and more into an Orwellian superstate. The Eurocrats in Brussels still haven’t latched on to the concept that they’re not Europe’s saviors. They give lip service to ideals of democracy but whine like petulant children when someone dares attack them. Anyone who challenges the EU orthodoxy is "anti-European" or a member of the evil "far right." It’s an attitude that reeks of arrogance and elitism. It’s that kind of paternistic attitude of government that invariable leads to repressive government. Unfortunately, it appears as the Eurocrats are the ones who threaten democracy to gain more power for themselves.