Can They Win?

The World Tribune says the Pentagon believes that Israel cannot hope to achieve a military victory over the Palestinians. My bullshit detector is going way off on that one. The same was said of Israel before, and they’ve always beaten back the enemy and inflicted heavy casualties in return. The Israeli Defense Forces could level the West Bank and Gaza if they so choose.

The real question is one that asks if it would be worth it to do so. Look at what the minimal casualties at Jenin did for the Israelis on the world scene. While the Israelis could probably take care of the Palestinians by killing them, it would be a terrible solution to the problem. Rather, the Israelis can only destabilize terrorist networks and hope that the Palestinians come to their senses and move towards an acceptable political solution. Yet if sufficiently provoked, the Israelis will defend themselves, and woe unto anyone who tries to get in their way.