Score One For Humanity

A suicide bomber was about to go on a mission to kill innocent civilians
when her conscience stopped her in her tracks

"I began to think about killing people – babies, women, sick people, and to imagine my family sitting in a restaurant and someone coming in and blowing them up. God would not see it as a good reason for committing suicide and therefore would not accept me as a shaheed."

You know, it’s about time someone actually thought about the lunacy of strapping explosives to your body and going off to kill people you don’t even know just because they’re different. This isn’t about preserving the Palestinian people, it’s about serving a murderous ideology that values death over life and slavery over freedom. One can only hope that this isn’t the last time someone in the Arab world opens their eyes and sees just how idiotic they’ve allowed themselves to become. When that does, the Saudis, Arafat, and the other Islamofascists will know what it is like to fear for their lives on a daily basis.