Boehner New House Majority Leader

On a vote of 122-109, John Boehner of Ohio has been elected the new House Majority Leader, replacing the embattled Tom DeLay.

This is exceedingly good news. Although Shadegg would have been the best of the three, Boehner carries along with him the same reformist impulses that Shadegg has and will help reform earmarks, cut spending, and lead the Republican members of the House into the 2006 midterms.

The 40 House Republicans who voted for Shadegg in the first round of voting clearly moved over to the Boehner side rather than see Roy Blunt become elected. Blunt is an effective politician, to be sure, but he’s also an effective politician. The GOP needs fewer Beltway insiders and more people who can reach back to the values of the Republican Revolution of 1994.

Congratulations to Rep. Boehner and the rest of the candidates on helping make this one of the most open leadership contests in the history of the Republican Party – or any other American political party.

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