Desire For Change

Glenn Reynolds notes that Congress’ approval ratings aren’t much better than the President’s. Attributing this to a general loss of faith in America’s political class is right. The President is isolated and has become almost a Nixonian figure. Nancy Pelosi is trying to pretend that she’s the President and Rep. Tom Lantos is arguing that the Democrats have their own foreign policy, the Constitution be damned. The basic problems that affect most Americans — the economy, health care, education, all of them go without any real solutions from Washington.

The current state of American politics is indeed shameful — the radical left “netroots” push the Democratic Party into ever more shrill partisanship, the Republicans are up sh*t creek and their paddle drifted away shortly after the 2004 elections, and the 2006 elections resulted in one set of politicians behaving badly with another set of politicians behaving even worse. The country is left with the Hobson’s choice of a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

Sooner or later something will come along to break the stalement — but no one is sure what that will be. One thing is certain — the level of dissatisfaction with the political status quo isn’t going to go away any time soon.