Al Sharpton’s Assault On Free Speech

There’s nothing more disgusting then when a huckster like Al Sharpton forces me to agree with someone as odious as Rosie O’Donnell.

Don Imus’ idiotic comments were just that — idiotic. However, what he’s exposed is how a cadre of race-baiting hucksters are working to undermine free speech in this country. If Don Imus were a rapper, he could talk about “nappy-headed hos” all the way to Grammy and never be given a dirty look by anyone. Yet because Imus is white, the racial sensitivity police feel the need to go on the offensive and ensure that such terrible words are never uttered on the public airwaves again — unless of course, they’re spoken by a rapper.

Imus’ comment was a contemptible act, but it was hardly worth the public lynching he’s now receiving — especially not at the hands of a racist like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. If it’s wrong to use such terms to describe black women, then the Reverends would be far better off attacking the “ghetto” culture that treats black women as sex objects, refers to them frequently as “bitches” and “hos” and glorifies violence, drugs, and mindless rebellion.

But that, unfortunately, isn’t the style of the Political Correct Race Police who now use the race card as a race badge allowing them to destroy the lives of offenders at whim. What is truly sad about this is that it doesn’t advance reasonable racial dialog and reconciliation, but destroys it. This country deserves far better than that.