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McCain’s Christmas Ad

Sen. John McCain has released his own Christmas ad, and it’s an incredibly powerful one:

Like many conservatives, I don’t always agree with John McCain on every issue. However, there is no doubt that Sen. McCain is one of the most patriotic Americans in government service today, a man who has made incredible sacrifices for his country, and someone who stands for his principles no matter what the political cost. I have a feeling that many conservatives are taking a second look at McCain, especially in contrast to Mike Huckabee’s crude moralism. It’s one thing to talk about the Christmas spirit, it’s another thing to give us such a heartfelt reminder of what that spirit really is.

I may not always agree with John McCain, but there are times when I’m damn glad this country has men and women like him.


Why Huck’s Ahead

While I make no bones about my dislike of Mike Huckabee as a candidate, things like this are why Huckabee has gone from the bottom tier to the top so quickly:

It’s simply, folksy, and puts Huckabee above the fray. Rich Lowry sees a hidden strategy behind the ad, and I’m inclined to agree. This was a brilliant political move for Huckabee.

The fact is, however, that Mike Huckabee doesn’t have the policy chops to be President. However, you can bet that he will be the leader for Evangelical Republicans for some time in the future. He does represent a critical sector of the Republican base, and while his appeal to evangelicals won’t get him to the White House, it does give him a lot of power in the Republican Party. A Mike Huckabee that gets a few years of political and foreign policy experience as Vice President could be a potent force in the future.