Hillary Shillery

Jonah Goldberg notes yet another case of Media Matters vigorously defending Hillary Clinton. He asks the key questions:

So here’s the question. The M&Mers insist they aren’t a mouthpiece for Hillary, but a “progressive” non-profit something or other. So why are they constantly carrying water for Hillary? This email doesn’t advance progressive causes. Indeed, by most accountings these days, Hillary’s the least progressive candidate on that stage (I’m not persuaded by those arguments, but that is the message the Clintonites want out there and it’s the one MM peddles whenever Hillary is dubbed too leftwing). Wouldn’t a truly progressive organization, not interested in partisan politics or advancing Hillary’s campaign, be more interested in pressing Hillary to answer the questions asked of her? Couldn’t a progressive truth-squad salute Russert for holding Hillary’s feet to the fire? The answer is, of course. But the reality is that Media Matters is a Hillary pitbull first, a Democratic mouthpiece second, a vanity project for Brock third and somewhere past that it might be something like a watchdog group.

The idea that it’s beyond the pale for Russert to focus on Sen. Clinton, who so happens to be leading the rest of the pack by 20%+ in most polls, doesn’t even pass the smell test. Of course she’s going to be the focus. It is not unfair for the press to ask tough questions of any candidate, no less a candidate whose chances of getting the Democratic nomination appear so strong.

The fact that Media Matters happens to be run by a host of ex-Clinton operatives and that it happens to be funded by a host of ex-Clinton operatives is one thing. But when it starts vigorously defending Clinton in the way they do, it demonstrates that those aren’t mere coincidences. Media Matters is not a 501(c)(3) organization, it is not a “progressive think tank,” it is a campaign organization and should be treated as such.