Teasing Trek

The teaser trailer for Star Trek is now available in full-HD glory.

It looks like J.J. Abrams (who created a little show called Lost) is setting to take the old Trek formula and give it a well-needed kick in the pants. The retro-futurism of the trailer is a very different direction, but it still fits with the overall vision of the series. It will be very interesting to see if Abrams can not only get fans of the show into theater seats, but bring new fans to the franchise.

A Preview Of Every Trekkie’s Next Christmas

A first look at the new U.S.S. Enterprise.

I’m curious to see how J.J. Abrams brings back Star Trek, a franchise that badly needed some new blood. Recasting the original cast is a bold movie (Simon Pegg as Scotty?!), but Star Trek badly needs an update after years of the same old stuff. This seems to be the kind of bold reinvention of the franchise that could keep it alive, just as the Bond franchise got a much-needed retooling with Casino Royale.