McCain Goes Viral

Barack Obama was supposed to be the candidate that was the master of the viral video, but McCain’s campaign has been managing to more than hold their own. Their latest YouTube sensation continues to tweak the messianic air of the Obama campaign by using their own words against them:

The Obama campaign, which should by all rights be sweeping the floor with McCain, is floundering. The reason why is partially due to the fact that Obama is collapsing under the weight of his own hagiography. People are sick and tired of him already, and if his Invesco Field performance next week is half as nakedly self-congratulatory as expected, one wonders if Obama might leave the convention worse than when he arrived.

In the Democratic primaries, the late breakers tended to break against Obama. If that holds true in the general election, Obama may be in serious trouble.

I’ve been bearish on the prospects of the McCain campaign for most of the summer. After McCain’s confident performance at the Saddleback Forum last week and the movement of the poll numbers, I’m not so sure that when the cards are laid on the table, Obama’s hand might not have been as strong as everyone thought.