Uncle Sam's Pissed

No Hiding Place…

America has repeatedly called for a war against terrorism – and we’re damn well serious about it. Now, we have joined forces with the government of Pakistan with an ultimatum to the Afghani people – turn over Osama bin Laden within three days or face the mighty military wrath of the United States and her allies.

Meanwhile, back home, the people of the United States have come together in a way that I’ve never seen before. People are flying flags, celebrating America, and rallying around our country in a way that truly makes me proud beyond all measure to be an American. We are a nation that may have our many disagreements one today, but when threatened we are a nation of majesty and union such like no other. We will weather any storm, face any hardship, and fight until the last for freedom. In the great and powerful words of Senator John McCain to the terrorists; "May God have mercy on you, because we will not."