JayReding.com Is Acquired By AOL

As part of AOL/TimeWarner’s strategy of buying
out weblogs everywhere
, JayReding.com is now a wholly owned subsidiary
of AOL/TimeWarner. Said AOL/TimeWarner executive Steve Case "The
acquisition of this website will add yet another website we own on our rise to world
domination and will make our all-seeing leaders in the Bavarian Illuminati very happy."

The author of Jay Reding.com was reached at his underground bunker miles
below Spooner, Wisconsin using a hunting dog and a Ouija Board. When asked to
comment, all he said was "Go away, I’ve got some mad cash, to hell with the
stupid website. By the way, do you have Britney Spears’ phone number? I hear
she finally ditched that loser from that loser boy band."

Rumor has it that AOL/TW intends to turn JayReding.com into a support site
for Communist she-males with unexplicable cravings for human toenail clippings,
a market which is expected to double the readership of JayReding.com. At the
news of the acquisition AOL stock declined 18.5 points to $66.6 per share. Britney
Spears was unavailable for comment.

Oh yeah, and April Fools…