Enemy Arafat

After watching an Easter Weekend filled with bloodshed, I find myself amazed
at the futility of it all. What did the Palestinians really hope to achieve? Did they
honestly think that Israel was just going to go away. I constantly see Palestinian
spokespeople saying how Israeli violence will only harden the resolve of the
Palestinian people…

Now wait a minute! If that’s true, then what the hell do the Palestinians think
that blowing up random innocent civilians will do to the resolve of the Israelis? Do
they think a people who have endured real persecution for the last few thousand
years are just going to roll over and take it? I know if it were me watching my
family die in some random bomb attack I’d be calling for blood, not suing for

I think these suicide attacks are a sign of desperation from a regime that
knows that it is about to die. Just as the Japanese used their kamikazes
when they realized that nothing else could stop our carriers, the use of suicide
attacks is a gesture that indicates that the Palestinians have nothing left to fight
with. In the end, the only result of all this terror is to ensure that the Palestinians
lose any shot of getting the peace that they should have.

The one to blame, as Israeli has belatedly found out, is Yasser Arafat. As
former Secretary of State Madeline Albright said, Arafat has never missed an
opportunity to miss an opportunity. He has deliberately sabotaged the peace
process, kept his people mired in poverty and dispair and driven them to
become living weapons for him. I’ve come to the conclusion that if the Israelis
just went in and shot Arafat in the head, it would be the best thing to happen
to the Palestinians in years. The Palestinians have every right to exist as a
free and prosperous people, and Yasser Arafat is ensuring that won’t happen.
In the end, Arafat is not only an enemy of Israel, but an enemy of his own
people as well.