The Death Of The Left

Andrew Sullivan has a
great editorial on
why the Left has little to say post September 11
. He really harps on Michael
Moore for being completely out of touch with reality, which is true. The hard-core
Marx-loving members of the postmodernist Left never really got the idea that
capitalism works even as communism crumbled around them. They still don’t
realize that capitalism leaves more wealth for the poor, and that corporations
aren’t entirely evil. Micheal Moore has always been an ill-informed ranting
ideologue who spouts invective and displays pure distain for the American
people, as Mr. Sullivan notes. Right now the Left is still trying to paint the events
of the war on terror as anything but what it is – instead preferring to say that
it’s nothing more than America trying to get over the "cognitive dissonance"
of seeing its might challenged.

If anything, the Left has been unmasked by the war on terror. While most
Democrats rallied around the nation in it’s time of crisis, those who have truly
signed on to the Orwellian notion that freedom is slavery have been forced to
either hide or have been seen as the insensitive and imperceptive boobs that
they are and always have been.

There are legitimate and reasonable complaints about the war on terror and
the Bush Administration. Almost all of them have come from Bush’s ideological
compatriots while the Left has been tilting at windmills and spinning conspiracy
tales. I’ve read better criticisms of Bush from National Review than
from any left-wing source. In the end, it’s the fact that the Left is entirely
unwilling to step away from their worldview of America the Malevolent that makes
them irrelevant to today’s world. Even the Right is displaying more ideological
flexibility and willingness to self-criticize these days. It is becoming more and
more evident that if the Left is finding itself on the wrong side of history, and
may in fact be facing their own creeping irrelevance in American politics.