The EU and European Guilt

The New York Observer has an absolutely blistering piece that tries
to find the reasons for
European anti-Semitism
. The conclusion: because so many Europeans were
complicit in the Holocaust, this is a problem which is deeply engrained into European

In defense of the Europeans (gasp!), I don’t think that’s the real story. What I
would blame is a Leftist belief that the more primitive the culture, the more morally
valuable. The idea of "the noble savage" is alive in well in Europe.
Furthermore this idea has ensured that any attempts to get the throngs of Muslim
immigrants to assimilate into European society have been thwarted. This means
that Muslim terrorists who would be the ones most likely to join terror networks
or firebomb synagogues are left to practice their hatred unopposed.

The other factor is political – Israel and Europe have a tense relationship,
especially when Europe has been trying to reach out to Arab nations for trade
and support. Such incidents like the IDF bombing of the French-built Osiraq
nuclear plant in Baghdad was a smart move by Israel, but didn’t exactly
endear the Israelis to the Europeans. The self-important Eurocrats believe that
any military action should be first given their seal of approval, something the
neither the US nor the Israelis would (or should) do.

I don’t believe that most Europeans are anti-Semitic, at least not
intentionally. The Eurocrats are full fledged members of a set of radical Leftism
that causes an inability to make moral judgements on terrorists – so while their
motivations may not be based in some inherent anti-Semitism, the results may
as well be the same if Europe had their way.