Bush’s Secret Plan

Andrew Sullivan has an interesting article in which he argues that the Bush
Administration’s waffling on Israel may not
be what it seems
. Essentially, Sullivan believes that Bush’s recent demands to Israel are part of a plot to appease
the Europeans and Arabs by looking fair while Sharon clears out the Palestinian
resistance and America prepares to attack Iraq.

Well, I suppose it’s possible. I don’t think the Bush Administration, especially
with astitute people like Condi Rice or Paul Wolfowitz, is naive enough to assume that
Colin Powell’s Middle Eastern mission is going to accomplish anything. Nor do I
think that they’re truly against Israeli’s actions. In the end, Sullivan’s theory is a
likely one, due to the fact that the Bush Administration is certainly pro-Israel,
but also needs to walk a tightrope to make a removal of Saddam Hussein
possible. At least I hope so, because if Bush goes soft on the Palestinians it
severely huts his chances of defeating the Hussein regime or going after
al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.