We CAIR Not For That Opinion

The Council For American-Islamic Relations recently ran a webpoll asking if
Ariel Sharon should be tried for war crimes. The blogosphere pickup up on it,
naturally leading to a flurry of negative votes. Now CAIR has removed nearly
10,000 votes and shifted the poll to "Yes" Now The Weekly
running an expose on CAIR’s manipulation of the poll
. While CAIR contends
that the voting was disrupted by multiple votes from similar addresses, it is quite
clear that they simply didn’t want people to express an opinion different from their
pre-ordained conclusion.

For a group wanting to show how American Muslims are tolerant and
free-thinking members of the community, this is a piss-poor way of doing it. If
there’s one thing that people need to learn it’s that the blogosphere smells out
deception like a shark smells blood in the water.