The Dead Terrorist Sketch

Last night’s Hannity and Colmes had an interesting bit that seemed to
indicate that Osama’s
last video may have shown the posed corpse of the terrorist mastermind
. After
looking at the video, it barely seems as though Osama’s alive, even though that
video was more than likely shot long before the war started. Imagine an al-Qaeda
meeting going something like this:

TERRORIST 1: Doesn’t Osama look a little…. um…. dead to you?
TERRORIST 2: Of course not, infidel. He’s just…. um… resting. That’s it, yeah,
TERRORIST 1: Are you sure? He sure is attracting a lot of flies.
TERRORIST 2: He’s not dead… he’s… pining for jihad. Yeah, that’s it, he’s
pining for jihad.

Okay, so perhaps it wasn’t like that, but one wonders if Osama is still
around, considering that he hasn’t sent a message out in some time. It’s
possible that he’s laying low someplace and waiting for the manhunt to die down,
or that he’s already dead somewhere. As long as he’s unable to lead al-Qaeda,
at least we’re living in a slighltly safer world.