Where Have You Gone, GWB?

The Wall Street Jounal has a good piece that asks
what is going on with President Bush?
First we have the steel tariffs, which
were a mistake. Now we have the Mideast crisis, where both Democrats and
Republicans are wondering if the Bush Doctrine on terrorism is falling apart. While
the President still enjoys high approval ratings, those numbers won’t stay up

Bush needs to be himself. We know that Iraq is complicit in the Middle East’s terrorist problems. As
soon as we’re ready, we need to begin removing Hussein. We need to be forcefully
explaining to the Saudis that they are the world’s number one supporters of terror,
and that they’re next in line after Hussein. We need to remind the world that
when we say we’re not going to tolerate terror, we mean it. We need to stick
up for free trade. If we start compromising on those little principles now, we
may not have any big principals left we need them.