Would Europe Like Some Cheese With Its Whine?

Now EU commissioner Chris Patten is complaining that
the world is being unfair to Europe
, accusing them of being anti-Semitic without cause. Well, I suppose the fact that Europe is experiencing a wave of attacks on synagogues, and many Jews are afraid to leave their homes isn’t evidence enough for some. Nor is the fact that the heads of European governments have been all too quick to criticize Israel and all too quick to coddle the Palestinians.

Then Mr. Patten pulls out the typical European "reasonability" card:

Heaven help Israel, heaven help Palestine, heaven help all of us, if this mad and grotesque assault on reasoned debate continues. But heaven, I fear, will have its work cut out.

Mad and grotesque assault on reasoned debate? Pardonnez-moi?! This is typical of the Eurocrat elite’s reactions to anything they don’t like – accuse the opposition of extremism. The reactions of Europe towards Israel and owards the Jews have been shameful – and the elites who currently run the continent have done precious little to address or rectify those problems. Instead, they say that people who challenge the orthodoxy of the elite are dangers to "democracy" and "reasoned debate." The truth is, they are the ones who seem little interested in hearing anything outside their worldview, they are the ones who seek to expand their own power in a self-righteous crusade, and they are the ones who should be held accountable for their actions.