Arafat States The Obvious

Yassir Arafat has said that he would accept the Jewish state of Israel. Someone should remind him that it already exists.

He also called the Jews "cousins". It appears as though blowing up your cousins in sucide attacks isn’t unknown in the Arafat family. He also denied any knowledge of the suicide attacks in Rishon Letzion, or the arms shipments discovered by Israel last year on the freighter Karine-A. Just by reading the quotations in the piece, it’s clear Arafat is lying. Calling Jews friends and saying that he played with Jewish children as a child has no relevance. Saying that he knows nothing about arms shipments or suicide bomings when there is abundant evidence to the contrary achieves nothing. Instead, Arafat is trying to manipulate the media by portraying himself as someone who is supportive of peace with Israel. However, Arafat’s own record and his people’s recent actions speak for more clearly that neither he, nor many Palestinians, are truly willing to accept their Israeli neighbors.