Coulter vs. The Media

Ann Coulter, the conservative world’s blonde firebrand, is about to release her new book on liberal media bias. The book, entitled Slander: Liberal Lies About The American Right can be
preordered from
and will be available in June.

I get the distinct feeling this is going to be a hot book. The Amazon sales ranking is already at 19, and the New York Times, which Coulter roasts in the book, had better have a spot on the bestsellers list ready. With the recent sucess of conservative books like Bias and Shakedown, this should be the hot book of the summer. (And no, I’m not getting a cut from any of this, so this is legitimate speculation on my part.)

Coulter may sometimes be a raving ideologue, and is hardly the most diplomatic writer, but the kind of crap that spews forth from the media needs pointing out. The media is admittedly dominated by Leftists, who don’t care to understand or accurately explain conservative views. Yet, as Stanley Kurtz points out, conservatives understand the liberal media all too well. So The New York Times can call Pim Fortuyn a radical extremist, while prasing a former Sixties radical and terrorist without so much as blinking. It’s a clear double standard, and it’s about time someone stood up and vigorously challenged it. Coulter says that this book is "only Volume I". It looks like the liberal media is going to have a long hot summer…