Something Else To Brighten Your Day

Dick Cheney says we’re going to see another major terrorist attack pretty soon. It looks like we’re getting some information from intelligence sources that says that al-Qaeda is planning another major operation against the United States.

One does wonder if there isn’t some political aspect to this, however. Considering all the heat that Bush has been taking for not listening to warnings about September 11, (even though those warnings weren’t good enough to act on, and his predecessor was far, far more lax than he) it wouldn’t be surprising if the Bush Administration wanted to show that it’s on the ball in terms of counterterrorism. If there’s no attack, then it just shows how well our new preparations are working. I’m not saying that the President is trying to wag the dog or anything, chances are there’s some real level of threat, but I’m wondering if these general threat warnings are worth it. After all, we’re all on high alert 24/7 now. I have a feeling that another hijack attempt would end more like Flight 93, where the passengers knew what was going to happen, then Flight 11, where the passengers assumed a normal hijacking.