War On Terror

Logic Only The Government Can Come Up With…

Underperformin’ Norman and pals have decided that arming pilots is a bad idea. Yeah, it’s not like we should be trusting airline pilots with anyones lives or anything, right Norman? Instead, they can look really mean at terrorists and hijackers, or throw bacon bits at them so they can’t get into Paradise. Let’s not be so hasty as to institute the single biggest deterrence to a hijacking and the single most effective airline security measure. Instead, we’ll just keep annoying passengers so no one wants to fly any more.

Isn’t there a cabinet post in Afghanistan where we can send Mr. Mineta? Of course, before he gets on the plane he’ll have to wait in line for hours, remove his shoes, belt, and pants, be fully cavity searched and then asked idiotic questions by a screener who looks like a Faulknerian idiot man-child. But at least he can rest safe knowing that the pilot is unarmed.