Score One For Dubya

Remember all those who said that backing out of the 72 ABM Treaty would cause another arms race?
They’ve earned themselves a deluxe order of crow with all the fixings
. Instead, Bush and Putin have agreed to a new arms reduction/deactivation treaty and are working closely together. At the same time, the EUnuchs have come around to realizing that all their previous bluster was just that, bluster.

For a man who is supposedly incompetent, Bush seems to have been able to size up the Russians better than the Eurocrats, and has been able to turn Russia into a strong strategic ally of the US, all things that the Left said he’d never be able to do. This just goes to show that it’s not the conservatives who don’t get it, it’s the Left who are creeping further and further into irrelevance as the 21st century continues.

Take this quotation from Senator Tom "I look like one of the aliens from V" Daschle:

“I believe it would be a grave mistake for the United States to unilaterally abrogate the ABM Treaty in order to deploy a robust national defense system. Unilateral actions will trigger reactions all around the world. Those reactions themselves could make our nation less secure.

Yeah, look at all those terrible reactions. Bush and Putin working on reducing nuclear arms stockpiles. There’s a real blow to US national security, right Senator? Look at how the world has been torn asunder by Bush’s breaking that sacred ABM treaty! Or stick your head out of the sand (or elsewhere as the case may be) and realize that President Bush had it right the whole time.